ARCHIVE of August, 2014

Commandment 8, 9 and 10 - Be Happy, Create a Legacy, Spirituality

Commandment No. 8 - Do what you have to be happy in this Life Longevity and happiness is a right, an entitlement, a privilege, a blessing. You must want it and fight for it every day of your life. Go for your passion and not your pension. Too many..
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Commandment 6 and 7 - Dogged Determination, Fail to Plan

Commandment No. 6 - Have a Dogged Determination to Get What you Want in Life/Seizing the moment when it comes even if you aren’t ready You have to be tenacious to get what you want. You have to have an inherent belief in yourself. Do not let others talk..
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Commandment No. 5 - Enlarge the Place of Your Tent / Expand the Level of Your Thinking

Commandment No. 5 - Enlarge the Place of Your Tent/ Expand the Level of Your Thinking To reach your destiny you can not hang with weak, complacent, satisfied, laid-back, mediocre, or negative people. Stay away from broken people, barren people, empty people, non-producing people, selfish people who aren’t believing..
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Commandment 4 - Mentors and Champions

Commandment No. 4 - Mentors and Champions To reach your destiny (whatever that destiny is to you) you must surround yourself with all types of people from every age and stage of your life. You need these people financially, personally and spiritually. They must be people: A)..
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Commandment 2 and 3 - Kryptonite, Fear, Intimidation, and Self Doubt

Commandment No. 2 - Know What your Kryptonite Is Superman knew what his kryptonite was and he had to stay away from it. In his case it was a shiny, green rock. If he didn’t stay away from it, that rock would make him weak and eventually would kill..
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Secrets to My Success

People often ask me this verbatim question “What are the secrets to your success?” Nobody has all the answers or knows it all. But you get “nuggets” from successful and wealthy people as you move through your life. That hopefully will help you along the way. I call..
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