"To All Who Want Generational Wealth,
Greetings! I would like to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to Theo Nix Jr. (The Generational Wealth Coach) for opening my eyes to something I had no idea about. Before attending Coach Theo's class, I didn't have a firm understanding of what wealth actually meant or what it was. Theo used simple language and offered step by step instructions to help us understand wealth, and where we needed to start to be on the road to financial success. His very first class on credit was amazing, he taught us how to get better credit scores by getting a copy for free, challenge debt and force the credit agencies to make sure what they are reporting against me is 100% accurate! Thank you so much for teaching my family foundational principles on Wealth."

Jason M Woods

"Generational Wealth was an informative series of seminars that provided the knowledge required to create and transfer wealth. We learned the importance of fixing and maintaining your credit, various insurance policies, Wills & Trust, starting a business / becoming incorporated and legally reducing your taxes. With this information, some were able to modify unaffordable mortgages, refinance to lower payments, or reduce the length of their home loan. Personally, I was able to complete a streamline refinance on my primary residence - lowering my interest rate from 5.25% to 3%. Some incorporated and reduced their taxes through write offs that were once unknowingly ignored. Also, insurance policies were secured to safeguard assets, care for aging parents, and protect against future disasters. In summary, these principles allowed us to effectively navigate through our financial system - producing excess to be enjoyed and later transferred to future generations."

Will Smith

"The Generational Wealth Seminars have made an impact on the lives of the women and myself who have attended these seminars at my church taught by Attorney Theo Nix, Jr.
Attorney Nix has transformed our thinking by educating us with a wealth of information that we can apply to our lives to create generational wealth for our families in every area of our lives.
His seminars have changed us from the inside out by allowing us to get our house in order to receive the wealth that we desire as well as to live a better life and then pass it down to our generation.

Generational Wealth Seminars will move from being held on a local basis to a national basis to a global basis."

Pastor Tracey Barnard
Impacting Your World Ministries, Inc.

“As a young adult, the Generational Wealth Coach DVD’s gave me a better understanding of how to acquire and maintain wealth. Theo teaches you principles that are not taught in schools but are so valuable to your life. Every young adult should take advantage of this resource and not only watch the DVD series, but actually apply the teachings to their lives. It works!”

Syreeta Lockett