Generational Wealth Classes

Developed and Presented By:  Theophilus R. Nix, Jr., Esq.
(Creating, Sustaining, Teaching and Transferring Generational Wealth)

Gen Wealth Class No. 1
Wealth: What is it; How YOU can get it and keep it

Gen Wealth Class 2
Credit Report Repair
The key to getting access to credit, money and bling
(transunion, equifax, experien)
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Gen Wealth Class 3
The Secrets to Virtually Eliminate Taxes for the Rest of your Life
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Gen Wealth Class 4
Why you Must start your own Company
How to start one on the Cheap without a lawyer
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Gen Wealth Class 5
Protecting what you already have
(Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will/Health Care Directive, Medical Power of Attorney, Trust)

Gen Wealth Class 6
How to Get Access to Capital and Who has it
How to prepare a budget and How to manage your money
Setting up lines of credit
Using credit unions and other smaller banks
Get rich on credit cards
The Small Business Administration (SBA)-Millions available go unused

Gen Wealth Class 7
Investments- Making your money work for you. Turning Drips to a Faucet
Tithing- Why it works. How it works for me
Real Estate- No money down deals, Short Sales, Foreclosures
International Real Estate deals to die for
How to buy your own Island
Stocks and Bonds
Metals, jewels, commodities

Gen Wealth Class 8
The Secrets to Longevity they won’t tell you
150 diseases caused by white sugar
Removing parasites (worms) from your body you didn’t know you had
How your toothpaste and underarm deodorant causes cancers
Foods that will kill you. Foods that will reverse the aging process
Learn why plastics are slowly killing you
Aromatherapy,  Acupuncture, Coffee and water Enemas, Hydrocolon
Chelation to remove heavy metals from your body

More Gen Wealth Classes coming