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Commandment 8, 9 and 10 - Be Happy, Create a Legacy, Spirituality

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10-commandments-8Commandment No. 8 - Do what you have to be happy in this Life

Longevity and happiness is a right, an entitlement, a privilege, a blessing. You must want it and fight for it every day of your life. Go for your passion and not your pension. Too many people hate their jobs no matter what they are paid. That’s because they never found their passion. I have met some of the wealthiest, but unhappiest people on this earth. The most unfulfilled and unhappiest people are those who never got what they expected. Sometimes the bar of what you think you want is so high, nothing in this life could fulfill that want or desire. Bling can never replace love or human compassion. A connectedness to someone. Not something.

Commandment No. 9 - Create a Legacy beyond You

10-commandments-9I have been around some of the richest most powerful people in this country. I have wined with them and dined with them and talked with them. I was the lawyer for a developer just like Donald Trump. He has his private leer jet and yacht and houses. The wealthy think differently than everyone  else. They have buildings named after them, airports named after them, highways and byways and streets named after them. They create monuments to themselves. They place sculptures of themselves in front of buildings with pigeons defecating on it. They divorce the wives who helped to get them to where they are and then marry 30 something’s. The greatest legacy you can leave is to champion someone else and help them to create a legacy like you. Too many wealthy are self absorbed. It’s all about them and not about the greater good. How sad.

10-commandments-10Commandment No. 10 - Have a spirituality

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I wouldn’t be here without Him. It’s by God’s grace that has helped me to be successful and happy in life. Too many think of themselves as god’s. They often eventually come to know they aren’t.

I expand on each of these 10 Commandments in my motivational speeches.


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