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Why I Became A Generational Wealth Coach

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You don’t have to look far to find sobering statistics about inequality in America.

The bottom 50 percent of income earners in the U.S. now collectively own less than one percent of the nation’s wealth.

The top one percent fund nearly a quarter of all government activities while the top 20 percent of taxpayers on average supplied more than 68 percent of all federal revenue.

Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent depend on Social Security for 84 percent of their income.

In any capitalist society, people usually fall into three camps: the wealthy, the middle class and poor people. In fact, Jesus alludes to this fact when he says in Mathew 26:11, “for you have the poor with you always.”

I have had the privilege of traveling in the circles of the wealthy—the kind of rich people you only dream of meeting.

What I have found is that the difference between people who are wealthy and those who are not is not their personal characteristics, but their knowledge. The super rich understand ways to earn and sustain wealth in ways that the poor just don’t. 

I started Generational Wealth Coach to bridge that gap.

That’s why I am always glad to see people start to use the strategies of the wealthy and implement them in their own lives. Recently, I caught up with one of my former students.

Before Marvin Satchell took my credit repair class he had a credit score of 486. Six months later, his score was 720. His wife’s score increased from a 500 to a 740.   

Those are the kind of results our classes produce. I hope you start your own journey toward achieving Generational Wealth. You deserve it.


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Jimmy Valentine on Wealth begins with changing your mindset
February 22 2014, 10:18 PM
I would like to thank attorney Theo Nix for presenting his Generational Wealth seminar in such an eloquent, yet digestible manner. His expertise is undeniable, as he is able to effectively convey to ordinary people that they can.. Read More
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