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Take Action to Live the Abundant Life in 2016

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Take Action to Live the Abundant Life in 2016

by: Generational Wealth Coach, Attorney Theo Nix, Jr.


In preparation for 2016, plan the time to look through an unfiltered lens, at the financial health of your family. This analysis includes asking tough questions such as: what is the current financial state of your family? What can you eliminate?  What goals do you have for your family, and finally, what steps do YOU need to take to begin living the abundant life we have been promised by God?


In Hosea 4:6, God said, “My People are destroyed for lack of Knowledge”. What I do know from teaching Generational Wealth concepts to men, women, and teens, is that we will continue to live “less than” lives when we don’t know how to access this abundant life. You have heard me say in my classes, “Knowledge is Power and those who have the Knowledge have the Power and will always control and dominate those who don’t. Therefore, one key to generational wealth is to obtain the same knowledge as the wealthy; those who are connected with each other, the privileged and the powerful. Once you know what they know and apply that knowledge, together with God’s word, you will have the wisdom to live an extraordinary life.


God said, “I call Heaven and Earth as witnesses against you this day that I have set before you the blessings and curses and life and death. Choose life that you and your descendents may live”. (Deu. 30:19) This is a powerful statement from God. He gives us two choices. Then gives us the answer. He challenges us to not only learn how to live life, but then to teach it to our descendents. This is why I call my classes “Generational Wealth”.  Like the “Let’s Make a Deal” television show, God has given us two doors to choose from. "Door Number One" is called “Death and Cursing". As a former owner of a funeral home, I have seen people die well before their time. Their health diminished due to stress and financial hardships, broken hearts and unfulfilled dreams and die leaving their families unprepared and struggling. That "curse" oftentimes continues for generations. This was never God’s plan for His children.


Your employer will always pay you just enough money to come to work day after day but never enough to get wealthy.   I have referred to this as a “Slave in a Suit”,  if you are a white collar worker or a “Slave in a Uniform” if you are a blue collar worker. God has a destiny for each of us. Behind "Door Number Two" is “Life and Blessings”. The question is whether you will choose that second door. Fear not, be strong and very courageous, believe in yourself and trust in God! Step through that door and into the authority God promised you.


Why not invest in yourself, for you and your family in 2016? My Generational Wealth Classes will give you information to advance your journey to help you leave a positive legacy for you and your family as Joseph did for his family. Live an extraordinary life, “For Life”!


So, here’s to Creating, Sustaining, Transferring and Teaching Generational Wealth to your family for 2016!


Blessings to you all.  Theo Nix, Jr., Esq.

Your Generational Wealth Coach


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