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Credit Cards - 'To Swipe or Not to Swipe'

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Have you ever felt like going for a indulgent shopping spree without a care in the world, nor a worry about price-tags? Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees, but sometimes credit cards help ignite this forceful feeling of financial status and willingness to purchase otherwise deemed excessive or expensive to the mass majority.


Taking a bit more time before swiping can save you a headache worth of debt. Thanks to credit cards, the average American with a credit card is $15,257 in debt, according to the Nerdwallet's methodology. You certainly don't have to become a statistic. Here are a few instances where you can discipline yourself before swiping.


Unsecure Online Purchases:


The internet is a beautiful thing, but with that comes not so great things. Make sure that the company you purchase from is a reputable one. Your bank and card information are crucial and using this information on a site you cannot trust can compromise much of the personal information  you have attached to your financials as well.


Retail Shopping:


Some delve into retail stores to garner a little pick me up, but many times once this habit starts it is not easy to stop, and can easily spiral you credit card balance out of control. Looking nice is a great thing, but allowing it to put a dent into your credit is not.


Items on Sale:


Everyone loves a sale. It is so easy to get caught up in the sale whirlwind and purchase multiple little things that add up to a big number. Take time to think twice before purchasing your item. Think about whether or not you really need it and maintain a level of discipline.



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